Together Harvest With Dr. Jodi Larry & Friends

As the weather turns colder, and the days grow shorter we have an opportunity to reflect on the changing seasons in our own lives. Join us for a day retreat in Meaford Ontario as we celebrate, learn, and explore how community, nature, and self-compassion support our health and personal growth. 



Location: Meaford Ontario (address provided upon registration)

Date: October 17

Time: 8AM to 8PM

Tickets Available Here

Limited to 20 spaces available due to covid safe living practices.

*This is an outdoor event. Rain date is Oct. 18.

Set in beautiful Meaford just outside Toronto, the day will feature:

  • Self-Compassion as a Ritual for Optimal Health With Dr. Jodi Larry
  • Kundalini Yoga Class with Carmelinda Dimanno
  • Intentional Beadwork and Essential Oil Workshop with Jen Birenbaum
  • Future Self Workshop with Stacy Irie Soul
  • Sound Bath with Alexis Lily
  • Vegan Lunch, dinner and snacks provided by Animal Liberation Kitchen featuring Together Hemp Superfoods
  • Art and Music Curation by Ocean & Freebird

Included in admission:


Mid Day Snack


+ All the Workshops

Not Included:


Suggested Packing list:


Water Bottle

Yoga mat

Cozy blankets

Meditation cushion


Dr. Jodi Larry


Dr. Jodi Larry is a Toronto-based naturopathic doctor (ND) who has been in practice since 2006. She has utilized natural health remedies since the age of 10, when an ND cured her of health issues that western medicine failed to remedy.

"Our lifestyles don't always lend the time or space for reflection and creation.   The challenge lies, in that we need this space and time to grow and evolve as humans. To set goals, to manifest what we want to create, and ignite in our lives.
Our goal is to provide you with the natural space, time and creative energy to create restoration and resilience for the rest of 2020.
All the workshops are curated with the essence of giving you space, time and restoration."
Stacy Irie Soul



Founder of Irie Soul, Yoga & Meditation Guide   

Prepare to embark on a journey into the field of infinite possibilities, where all that you have been longing for and your Future Self already exists. Engaging with your Future Self offers the perfect opportunity to receive authentic answers as to how to reclaim your power & confidence to create amazing results in your life.

Carmelinda Dimanno



Carmelinda is a yoga and movement instructor, and a house DJ who blends her passions for healthy living, soulful music and artistic expression.

Alexis Lily Sound
The energy and work I will bring to this event through sound meditation is a moment of calm, internal quiet, and a moment for those joining to be still - both in the mind and body. With that stillness comes a chance to exhale and let go of tensions, soften into any stiffness that might be there, and unstick what might be stuck. 
Jen B hOMe


Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Crystal and Essential Oils Intuitive

Jen is a proud mama of 4, devoted yoga + meditation teacher, Reiki practitioner, doTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate, creator of hOMe private yoga studio and co-founder of The Yoga Weekend.

Jen is intuitively connected to working with crystals and essential oils to create energetically supportive blends and jewelry. As part of this beautiful retreat day, she will be offering a practice to connect us to our intuition to empower the creation of our own magical bracelets and oil blends.


Animal Liberation Kitchen

A Toronto based, family-run food business. Inspired by animal rights and social justice, we are committed to bringing you delicious, healthy, vegan meals.

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