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hemp hearts/seeds

hemp hearts are the hulled inner portion of hemp seeds. they are slightly nutty in flavour, we love adding them to smoothies, cereal, salads, bows, and they can even be enjoyed straight from the bag!

hemp hearts are great for kids! our kids love them! hemp hearts are easy to digest and can be easily added to meals to make sure fussy eaters are getting adequate nutrition.

an adult serving of hemp hearts (3tbsp) contains 10g of protein, we recommend you adjust serving size based on the age of your child and corresponding nutritional requirements.

all of our hemp is grown in ontario, canada.

we recommend storing your hemp hearts somewhere cool, dry, and dark. like a pantry! for longer storage, and extended shelf life your hemp hearts can be sealed and refrigerated or frozen.

hemp hearts keep for one year. the shelf life can be extended by refrigerating, or freezing in a sealed package.

nope! hemp is a non-intoxicating cousin of its infamous relative in the cannabis sativa family.

we know what you are thinking... while this is the same species as marijuana, hemp is a non-psychoactive relative of the plant. in other words, hemp will not get you high or interfere with drug tests, and are safe for children and adults.

hemp seed oil

yes, hemp seed oil should be refrigerated after opening, and has a one year shelf life.

our oil is bottled in fully recyclable/reusable glass bottles in canada.

our hemp oil has a burn point of 330°f. hemp oil should be added as a finish for dishes, rather than used for frying or cooking at high temperatures.

protein powder

nope! our protein powder contains no preservatives or additives, is 100% organic, non-gmo, and is free of pesticides, and herbicides.

our hemp protein powder is great for workouts, or to add a boost of nutrition to any meal. it is a natural product free of preservatives, additives, sweeteners, and is great mixed in smoothies, juices, and can be enjoyed simply in a glass of water. the powder can also be added to baked goods to make protein snacks!

our hemp protein powders are made from whole hemp seeds, including hulls which have a high fibre and mineral content. hemp hearts are a rich source of essential fatty acids, and proteins.

allergies, dairy, gluten, sugar

our maple hemp hearts are sweetened with 1.5g of pure organic ontario maple sugar. the rest of our products have no added sugar.

hemp is not a tree nut and many people with tree nut allergies can consume hemp products, however we recommend that anyone with allergy concerns consult their healthcare practitioner before adding hemp products to their diet. 

all of our products are dairy free, gluten free, and contain no soy.

yes. hemp hearts contain zinc, iron, and folic acid which are important for maternal health and infant growth. as with any diet changes we recommend expectant or breastfeeding mothers consult with their healthcare providers prior to adding hemp to their diet.

if you are currently taking any medication we recommend consulting your healthcare practitioner before adding hemp to your diet. 

shipping & returns

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retailers, cafes, distribution

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yes! all of our products are suitable for vegan, and vegetarian diets.