Mia's Work From Home Tips

Our friend Mia aka @wiseandwonder, is a Collingwood, ON based certified nutritional practitioner.

Check out Mia's tips on staying healthy and making the most out of work from home sessions!

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  • Prep your pantry - having healthy options on hand, things that you can store in your pantry for when you’re in a pinch to make a meal, will make eating healthy and nourishing your body much more attainable and accessible
    • Stock up on dried herbs, herbal teas, dried beans and legumes, whole + ancient grains, canned beans, canned tomatoes, organic broths, nuts and seeds, trail mix, etc.

  • Planning - planning your meals for the week (maybe just dinners, or lunches and dinners), or even for 3 days at a time if that feels more realistic for you, can really help save time, cognitive energy, and stress during the week. I like planning on a Sunday, then making a grocery list to accommodate.

  • Meal prepping and Batch Cooking - this is a HUGE time save during the week, and another way to make healthy food options more accessible and convenient for you. Meal prepping 1-2x a week can be so helpful.
    • Batch-cook a few sheetpans of roasted veggies

    • Choose a whole grain you’re going to eat this week, and prepare it in advance (a few servings worth)

    • Batch prep a protein of choice - make a few roasted chicken breasts, or a bunch of marinated tempeh, that you can easily throw together in say, a salad or a “bowl” for lunch
      • I love making “bowls” as a go-to lunch, they usually consist of leafy greens, some sort of whole grain, a bunch of roasted veggies, a protein, a fat (like avocado, olive oil, olives, etc.), and a dressing! Super easy.

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  • Schedule breaks into your day - If you can relate, sometimes time can slip through our fingers when were hanging at home everyday. If you can - schedule both your breaks (including meal-times), and movement into your day!
    • I like to schedule time into my calendar for movement, whether it be to 1) go for a walk, or 2) to exercise (ie. do a youtube class of some sort) - scheduling it into my calendar definitely helps to keep me accountable

    • I schedule coffee breaks, and mealtimes, so that I can intentionally sit down and enjoy my food/drink (which helps hugely with digestion!), and give my mind a break

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  • Schedule self-care practices into your calendar - it’s important to be intentional with your time, and make taking care of yourself a priority. Especially now, when taking care of our minds and souls is ever important. Schedule time into your calendar (if you don't naturally make time for it now), to do something nourishing and regenerating for yourself. Making intentional time for these will help you not to get “lost” in your work, when the days seem to seep into each other.

    • Have a bath with magnesium flakes to help you relax

    • Make a craft

    • Make a puzzle

    • Read a book

    • Do an online yoga class

    • Facetime with a friend

  • Boundaries - I love making boundaries around my work-from-home day. I have a morning routine, and a “closing down” evening routine, where I sort of “check out” of work for the day. This is so helpful for getting your mind into “work mode” at the beginning of the day, and then out of it, at the end of the day.
    • Schedule 15-30 minutes before and after your work day into your calendar

    • What could your “morning routine” look like? *with regards to work, I have a whole morning routine that takes me awhile in the morning and involves a bunch of stuff*
      • Review your schedule for the day

      • Check out your breaks + self-care activities

      • Make a list of your 1-3 priorities for the day

    • Closing out routine
      • empty/clear out email inbox + reply to any important messages

      • Do a “brain dump” of anything you need to remember for later, or tomorrow

      • Take a few minutes for some breath work, a meditation, or some gentle stretching to help your nervous system recalibrate

For more healthy habits, and to connect with Mia, check her out on instagram at @wiseandwonder