Together Rhythms V1.

Our mandate at Together Hemp is to embrace collaboration, creativity, and ecology in everything that we do, which is why to celebrate the launch of our Together Hemp x Chocosol Traders Cacao Hemp Protein Powder we created a playlist of what we have been spinning at our office, and we also reached out to our network of artists and creators, to see how 'The Spirit of Cacao' inspired them.
together rhythms spotify playlist
Together Hemp Visioanary & Dreamer Ocean provided some words of insight into his open hearted approach to collaboration on this project:
Working together with Pachamama and individuals who share similar energies, vibes, creativity and way of operating from the heart is important for all of us at Together Hemp. As we prepared to launch our first ever collaboration with Chocosol Traders we decided that our collaboration had to be lined up with people we love and respect. It was natural for us to converge with Chocosol, we share many similar values. 
Next we wanted to tie in artists to the whole process and collaboration. Saskia was the first one we connected with via our local friend and artist @thesmileoffice. Saskia studied in the Yukon at SOVA  (School of Visual Arts). Saskia is the one who created our stop animation. Her love and specialty is video, animation and paper pulp sculptures.  
We are music lovers too, so, as part of the release we curated a playlist full of tasty, rich grooves to add flavour to your day. A few days before we released the product and playlist we had connected with our new friend @tanya.pavan. Ocean and Tanya chatted, and vibed through energy and the quantum field. Just like it should be, in one of Oceans meditations he visualized lots with the same colours that Tanya chose for this piece. Things happen for a reason. Here is more of the background on what Tanya created:
artist tanya pavan

"When creating this piece, I was conscious of the greens and blues used, reminiscent of our lands and waters yes, but also of our energies, the energies that ground us into the here and now. And along with the orange (the colour of the sacral chakra) is here to remind us of our creativity and our passion. For we cannot have one without the other. We cannot be creative, passionate and grounded within ourselves if we are disconnected from our present awareness. Each of these pieces needs to be present for our life-giving energy to flow through us.

tanya pavan art print

And usually when I draw energy there is a forefront and a background to the image that comes through which helps me read the energy of something as past vs. future - or what has come and what is yet to be. 

But this piece came to me as something else entirely, no foreground or background, no past or future, just the present.

 Just the here and now. 

Energies, as we come together, can only be sustained in the present moment. And when we come together, when we work together, we may think we are working together for the collective benefit of a better future, but in fact, we are aligning ourselves so that we can experience this present moment together. 

This moment is something that cannot be contained as one alone, but as a unified experience; a wholeness. And in this wholeness, we experience the collective benefit we’ve been searching for. 

Because when we come together we will always create a rhythm that nourishes us & sustains us. And this creation & collaboration between Together Hemp Co & Chocosol is just that - a dynamic experience for you in the present moment to nourish and sustain you." 
Limited edition 4x6 prints of Tanya's artwork are available for purchase with proceeds going to our community partner Water First 
Find Them Here: