Carys' Ultimate Green Smoothie Bowl

The spring thaw is here! and to celebrate our friend; food, fashion, and music tastemaker Carys Degenhardt, sent us her ultimate spring smoothie bowl recipe...

carys degenhardt
About Carys

Carys is a wellness specialist, holistic nutritionist, and clean lifestyle resource. She works to help clients navigate this beautiful earth a little bit more naturally. Since her wellness journey began in 2013, she has been building her practice by tasting, testing and quality-checking for the very best in natural food companies, supplements, herbal remedies, tonics, green smoothies or juices, and anything else she can get her hands on - all in an effort to put only the cleanest nutrients into her body, and yours!  She has extensive personal experience with holistic living, intuitive eating, food combining, sleep hygiene, recipe creation and mindfulness practice.


green smoothie bowl


This recipe makes enough for one large smoothie bowl.


1/2 cup filtered water (or nut milk for creamier version)

1 cup organic spinach

1/4 avocado

2-5 chunks frozen banana

2-5 chunks frozen cauliflower (and / or broccoli)

2-3 TBS Together Hemp cacao protein powder

1 TBS ground flax

1 tsp fresh turmeric root

1 tsp fresh ginger root

Pinch ground pepper (optional: helps deliver the turmeric / curcumin into the bloodstream)

Steps: Place all the ingredients into a nutribullet or vitamix (my two favourite blenders however you can use most) and blend. I start with 1/2 liquid and really try to make it work with only this much (by tamping/shaking or waiting a couple mins in between blending) in order to keep the consistency thick and perfect for a bowl. If your ingredients are having a hard time blending only add about 1/8 C more liquid at a time until everything blends. Once super smooth serve into a bowl and top with yummy goodies I often top with Together Hemp Hearts, cacao nibs, homemade granola, and / or bee pollen - then eat with a spoon! Enjoy!


Connect with Carys at or @carysdegenhardt on Instagram!